We were designed by God to desire perfect relationship with Him!  Yet something very sinister is warring within us and around us to separate us from ever being satisfied.  What is it?  Sin!  We were born with a sinful nature in us and a sinful nation around us.  Both enticing us to build the core of our heart & home on anything but God himself.  The generational results have been devastating.  

The only way for the core of our heart to be restored, is to let God lead us on our Journey Up to that place where His Absolute Truth meets Amazing Grace!  First in relationship with Him, then within our own family.  This will be a journey, not of perfection, but of heart connection.  Is your family ready for this exciting journey?

Our heart is to revive the church by restoring the family  

As a local church pastor for many years, Scott is aware of how important it is for the church to take James 1:27 seriously.  There we see that in God’s sight “pure and genuine religion means caring for widows and orphans and refusing to let the world corrupt you” (NLT).  Here’s the challenge.  When the world corrupts the family and the family leader, we lose the front-line of our ministry efforts.  Sadly, we’re now creating more “spiritual widows and orphans” than our churches can effectively care for. 

God created the family to proactively protect each of us from becoming “widowed and orphaned”.  Not just physically, but emotionally, relationally, and spiritually!  In fact, we read in Psalm 68:6a that “God sets the lonely in families”.  Our heart is to strengthen the health of each family so the lonely have a place to belong. A place to call home.  Reviving the heart of the church to effectively care for the many “widows and orphans” of our time.  

While there is great need for the church today to care for widows and orphans, only the family can BE the family.  We want to do everything we can to encourage and equip the broken family of our time.  Families who will then give their strength to The Church and revive the generational retelling of God’s Story.  A Story that reveals His Love that offers hope to all of us “widows and orphans”.  A place to belong for eternity in His Family.  The church!

How will 'the journey up' practically impact your life?

This journey will be glorious and fulfilling, but dangerous and tough.  It means that you will ….

  • Learn to love the Lord with your heart- Matt. 22:37

  • Learn how to relationally connect with the heart of your family-Deut. 6:4-8

  • Let God build the house of your life. -Psalm 127

  • Pursue a blameless life on his holy hill. - Psalm 15

  • Climb in the suffering steps of Christ by faith. - I Peter 2:21

  • Choose the Way of Wisdom instead of what feels right.- Proverbs 14:12

  • Build your life by faith on the Rock of ages, not by feelings on the sands of foolish and popular opinions.- Matt. 7:24-27

The Journey Up will change your family for generations to come!

What does “The Journey Up” name represent?

Throughout God’s Word you see metaphors being used to help the Christian understand what it means to follow in the steps of Christ.  These word pictures help us begin to see with eyes of faith.  While the Apostle Paul liked to use the metaphor of “fighting the good fight” or “running the race”, we like the imagery of climbing a steep and dangerous mountain.  The journey up is in fact a climb!  We often see mountains used in the Bible as high places that symbolized retreat, refuge, perspective, and special places to spend time with the Lord.  Here would be just a few examples:

  • Moses climbed Mt. Sinai to receive the 10 Commandments from God- Exodus 19-20

  • On Mt. Hermon Jesus was transfigured and amazed his disciples- Mark 9:2

  • Jesus would often retreat to Mt. Olivet to pray- Luke 21:37

  • Jesus would eventually ascend from the top of a mountain to heaven- Acts 1:12


Practical Resources To Help You Begin

Tune in regularly with us for Podcasts that will encourage you and equip you for Your Journey Up!  

Ladies come be encouraged on Kimberly's Blog!

Men come get some courage on Scott's Blog!

Listen to a few Worships Songs to encourage you in the Lord today!

Join The 7LM Gym- Your On-Line Family Training Center!

If you desire to begin, continue, or even recommit to going on your journey up, we’d like to encourage and equip you along the way.  Not because our family has already arrived at that perfect place!  We are still very much on our journey up.  Yet as we look at the heights and depths the Lord has led us through over 24 years of marriage, 12 children, and a variety of ministry and life-experiences, we are truly amazed at how He uses it all for His glory and our blessing!

 We hope that you will be encouraged to let God restore your core as you journey with our family, as we let Him continue to restore our core as well.  

We look forward to journeying with you to that place as the Lord enables us by His Truth & Grace!

The Scott & Kimberly Bryant Family

“…He restores my soul.

He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”

Psalm 23:3

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