Like you, our family is on a journey.... 

When Kimberly and I began our journey in marriage almost 25 years ago, our hearts were full of dreams for how our journey would unfold.  Yet as our ideals met the real world, our true motives were revealed, and continue to be.  It’s still a mystery to me as to how genuine our faith was in seasons, and how much was simply our flesh seeking fulfillment.  Yet through all of it, we see our Sovereign God working out His perfect purposes in and even through our imperfect involvement.

Our journey has been shaped by a variety of ministry experiences, both in established churches and church plants, Christian schools, Christian camps, and non-profit ministries.  Not to mention the many jobs that involved just good old fashion sweat as I roofed my way through Bible College or installed gutters or sold vacuums to provide our growing family. 


And we do mean growing!

Probably what makes our journey a bit unique in the 21st century is that we went through each of these ministry experiences having made the decision to let God bless us with as many children as He desired. 

Our family ministry team now consists of 6 girls and 6 boys, ranging from 1 to 27 years of age.  We are also blessed with a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, and 3 grandchildren.  We expect to add a few more over the next several years as the Lord blesses in His time.    

It is so clear that each member of our large family brings their amazing and unique heart that reveals the Heart of God.  Are they perfect? UH, no.  Are their parents perfect?  Definitely not.  But as we have now been on the parenting journey for over two decades, we are continuously having our breath taken away by how much blessing God pours out through children!  We had no idea how radically these "blessings" would shape our family’s Journey Up through life and ministry.  

we are ready to do whatever it takes to make ourselves available to encourage your family and church!