We've taken some time to put together a few podcasts that will introduce you to "The Journey Up".  

Below you will see that we currently have 3 different podcasts.  These will help you get to know us a bit more.  We're hoping to record on a regular basis.  But as you might guess, carving out quiet time to record anything in our full house is going to require God's Grace!  

"The Journey Up" is a 15-20 minute program in which Scott & Kimberly come together to encourage you with practical teaching as you seek to "restore the core" of your heart and home!

"Re-Couraging Manhood" is a 5-10 minute program in which Scott focuses on giving courage to the heart of men as they seek to lead their own heart and home up these dangerous and amazing heights! 

"Restoring Womanhood" is a 5-10 minute program in which Kimberly takes time to encourage the heart of women to let God reveal to them the deep joy that comes from entrusting their femininity to Him in every aspect of their life!

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Restoring womanhood          (5-10 min.)

"Encouraging women to let the Lord Restore their Heart & Home on Their Journey Up"

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Re-Couraging Manhood (5-10 min.)

"Equipping Men With Courage to Lead Their Heart & Home on The Journey Up"

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The Journey Up         (15-20 min.)

"Encouraging the family to bravely break away from cultural Christianity and embrace a climbing Christianity"