Our first priority is encouraging you to "Restore the Core of your heart and home!  Then from those "Core Life-Muscles" you will need to wisely navigate through life with your "Practical Life-Muscles".  Especially as our family has dealt with Chronic Disease, we are very aware of how your physical health impacts your family's journey.  Here we will introduce you to some very practical products that have been encouraging to us on our journey up to health!


Kimberly provides this great resource to those who are looking for encouragement on their journey through chronic illness.  Scott has been deeply blessed to have her encouragement as he has journeyed through Lyme Disease.  This site gives you a chance to receive some of her life-giving words.  She updates her Blog as she is able.  You’ll also find many practical resources to help you.  We have put together the ‘Journey Health Planner’ that is available for purchase on Amazon.  This is a great resource for helping you keep everything organized on your health journey.


Our son Casey is incredibly creative and hard-working and involves several of us in putting together various items that are available for purchase at this site.  From picnic tables to shelves, you’ll find this site enjoyable!