Restoring Womanhood

There was a beginning...when her childhood was abruptly engulfed by womanhood. With little insight into the meaning, womanhood began the defining. 

Womanhood gave birth to motherhood. Motherhood thrust her into adulthood and all three introduced her to life in the 'Real World.' 

A now broken woman sank to the bottom and discovered a saving grace leaving the bottom forever untouchable. But the lies of being unlovable entangled deep around the crevice of her heart. An outer, strong shell veiled the softness of the woman she once was.

A KNIGHT in shining armor sent by the beloved Father battled for the crack where the ashes of hope lay amongst the graveyard of broken dreams. And the breeze fanned the embers, a flicker igniting ablaze.

The defining continued sometimes with darts of failure and defeat. Somewhere in the middle, all was lost and the surviving took over. Still the KNIGHT and the FATHER kept the embers safe and the wonder years slowed while the knowing years emerged. The knowing of how the unimportant matters, the wrong can be made right, and the lost woman will always be found. That is if the lost finds safety in the restoring of her Heavenly Father! 

Still, the finding was found in the secret. The peace was fierce as was the task ahead.  Plunged into the deep, she kept her head to the ground and finished her work. 

And she was left with words unsaid and a wonder in her heart. What is the purpose of womanhood?

Though 100 interests would come her way, only one passion kept the fire growing. 

Jesus came for the sick and the lost. He came for the broken and the hiding tender heart that needs restoring.

He came for me. And He came for you!

Yes, the woman I'm describing is me. Without my faithful Father in Heaven, I would still be the lost woman I once was! And I know full well that in and of myself, I have nothing to offer, no secrets for a restored life! But in Him, everything needed for life and godliness is found. (2 Peter 1:3)

Most of you are aware that I have written for a few years at I will continue to write and encourage those who suffer as this is so dear to my heart. I also have a heart for teen pregnancy, the Church, being a wife and mother, maintaining a heathy family and so much more. And that is why I am so excited for this day!  For today, I write for all of those and for all of us!  I write for the Restoring of our heart as a woman, the impact we have on our family and friends and the Reviving impact we can have on our church!  Above all, I pray that we find our place, a vital role in the Retelling of God's Story!  

God is about redemption!  He's all about the Restoring of Womanhood!  

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