Today is the Day!

With every mile that we drove, we had to fight the inevitable pull that was slowly navigating us toward the ditch. At times, I could be describing the intense conversation IN the car, threating to divide our oneness and lead us toward a crash and burn relationally. But this time, I’m describing the literal pull of our “new to us van”, tugging and threatening to veer us off the road. We knew when we bought the van, our first repair would be to keep us headed on the straightaway of the road. Although costly, it was necessary.

For you see, if we had left it well alone, slowly but surely, we would tire of the hard work to keep our van headed in the right direction. Over time, we would either give up or have a literal crash and burn stopping our journey dead in it’s tracks.

Our marriage and oneness works in much the same way! If left to it’s natural course, without proactive tending and care, oneness has a way of getting off course and is at risk for irreparable damage.

If there is something off balance, over time, our marriage will veer off the marriage track and a great amount of time and effort will need to be made for repairs. Often, a slow fade makes the tugging and pulling less noticeable. But a lifetime of sun up and sun down reveals what always was.

With great sadness, we all have seen a love that lasted for decades end with a bang. And we wonder, how does this happen? Why didn’t we see this coming? If we’re not proactive and intentional, we could easily join the statistic as well.

One thing has become clear… in time, your trajectory will be revealed. Despite the best of intentions, the little decisions that we make each and every day determine our long term success.

The tugging and the pulling knows no gender or race. It doesn't discriminate based on a number of faithful years or past generations of life-long marriages. It comes for us all. The great news is that we all can war for oneness in our marriage, no matter what level of repairs are needed! With God, there’s always a way!

This holiday season, we’re taking the time to war for ONENESS in your marriage and mine! Because of ONE HOLY NIGHT, we have the opportunity to war for holiness in our marriage! Today is the day! Take the time to slow down this holiday season and remember the ONE HOLY NIGHT that changed everything! Click here to listen to our podcast