Journey Up To True Heart Connection This Valentine's Day

The nights are long these days. In a world that celebrates candy hearts and red lettered cards, your intense dislike for the “love day” grows with each moment that marches forward.

LOVE…it just didn’t work for you. In fact, love did so much more than not work. It left your heart-shattered and broken in a million pieces. Or perhaps you’re just numb. You might even be married for 30, 40 or 50 years and living as life-partners, a passionate love left to mere honeymoon memories.

Dear friend, I want to tell you that you are NOT alone!

There are probably more hurting than celebrating as we near Valentine’s Day! The hunger for true, authentic heart connection eerily out of reach.

A divorce. A broken dream. An empty marriage. Another night alone. Betrayal. Abandoned.

I am here to tell you that an authentic, heart-connected marriage is left to more than just circumstances. It’s not a rare luck-of-the-draw. What’s truly rare are two individuals that come into marriage with the stellar communication skills needed for a healthy marriage.  Most of us would benefit from at least a refresher course on how to build and grow relational connection in our marriage.

Marriage is at it’s best when two individuals come together, equipped with healthy tools of communication, surrendered to One Lord, for the blessing of one another.

This Valentine’s Day, a magnifying glass will be laser focused on your relationship. Your marriage. What will it unveil? What is the strength of your relational muscle?

This February, we’re going to equip your Relational Muscle for the Greatest Heart-Connection in your marriage possible. Heart-Connection God’s Way!

No matter if you’re newly married or have been married for nearly a life-time, you will benefit from The Journey Up Marriage Summit for Authentic, Heart-Connection! And it’s completely free!!! This will include a set of emails sent to you daily to strengthen the communication in your marriage which can be applied immediately! This material will also be added to the 7LM Gym, the foundation for healthy learning and living for a life-time and beyond!

To join the Journey Up Ministries Marriage Summit, simply email us saying, “I’m in!” We’re so excited to be on this Journey Up with you!