And The Tree Bends...

It was a last minute decision but we knew it was the right one. We were only to be in Oregon for a week, as we considered if God was calling our family to minister alongside the people of the Pacific Northwest. Despite the stormy weather, a beachfront home overnight opportunity was too good to pass up.

It was my first time seeing the moss covered forest with shades of green leaving a marked bright spot on a rather gloomy day. The drive to the coast that day was unlike our coastal drive growing up in Southern California. Rocks and evergreen tree forests lined the winding road as we made our final approach.

The forest was so dense that only bits of sun could peek through to the overgrown, mossy, wet landscape. And the need for such sunlight was screaming from the roots of every tree, bending and twisting in a weird concoction to embrace a moment of this vital nutrient for growth.

It was my husband who saw it first. The heart and core of each individual in our “forest” of society will bend in any way needed to receive the vital nutrients for proper growth.

Perhaps “proper” is not the right word. Our roots are hungry and starving, bending and twisting in the weirdest way. They will grow however needed to receive these vital nutrients. Love. Hope. Connection.

It begins with our roots. Our very upbringing and the nutrients found within our home that determines the bending of our tree. Many of us are twisted in the wildest way from the lack of love received in our own home and are then tasked with in SOME Way— SOME HOW providing vital nutrients to those in our own home.

There is only one way a bent and broken tree can pass on a firm foundation with which our little trees in our own home can grow strong and tall. As vital as the SUN is to the Oregon forest, so is the SON to each and every one of our hearts. As we bask in His Sonship and soak in His love, our roots receive the vital nutrients needed to stand a little straighter each day!

This is not only VITAL to our own hearts but to those in our own home. If our children need to bend and twist to receive the relational connection and love needed for their little hearts to grow, they may be tempted to find it in the lowliest places.

A gang meets the needs of connection. The bar…a community. Drugs/Alcohol/ Porn addiction the temporary hope their heart needs to carry on.

Although these might meet the temporary needs, the long-term effects of bending and twisting to receive love, connection and hope leaves the heart longing for lasting HOPE and TRUE LOVE.

Only the SON offers that! Only He can gift us the vital ingredients to pass along the LOVE, HOPE and CONNECTION to the heart of those in our home.

Heart Connection is key! More on that to come! Let God use your broken bend to point to the true source of our only HOPE…THE SON!

Will You Hold the Stars in Place While I Sleep?

Have you, like me, ever found yourself in the waiting?  

With the arrival of one answer comes the waiting of another.  I have discovered that much to my dismay, there is always something that lies in the waiting.  Waiting for the blessing of life or the unveiling of the gender of a child within.  Waiting to discover who your spouse will be or that of your child. Waiting on a job, a check.  That unanswered prayer.

And with the waiting comes the wondering and if we're not careful, the worrying. 

Never a day has gone by that I haven't found my heart in the waiting and the wondering of just how "that thing" will turn out.  How will the prayer be answered. The circumstance resolve. My stomach churning and gurgling as I turn on my 'merry go round' of worry. 

Such was the case last night as I whispered my requests before an almighty God. And as I gazed upon the stars shining ever so brightly, city lights barren, far away from my country home, I marveled at the goodness of our God. 

And the conviction covered the far-reaching corners of my worried heart, bringing warmth and hope much like the oozing of lava from a volcano.  With the assurance that He can hold the stars in place, surely He has my heart in His. 

And my requests turned to the thanking and the KNOWING that He is at work in the universe and most surely in the world of "mine."

So, with one final request, I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep..."God, I know you are able to give my weary heart rest and bring the calming renew as I wait upon you. Will you grant my one last prayer... will you hold the stars in place while I sleep tonight?"

Job 38: 6-7, 32 "On what were its footings set, or who laid its cornerstone-while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?" "Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear with its cubs?"