Today is Someday

Today, I'm changing another diaper. Washing a sink load of dishes. Running a potty trainer to the potty.  Looking for another missing sock.

Today, I'm starting another load of sheets from a night's bed wetting.  Standing in the shower far too long in hopes to awaken my soul.  

Today, I'm fighting for joy in my home, feeling small against the giant called mundane. I'm watching you run through the sprinklers on the hot summer day, dreaming of cool fall days to come.

Today, I'm wondering once again what I should make for dinner, tired of the rut in our meals.  I'm cutting up carrots and making another peanut butter and jelly. 

Today, I'm rushing to get a towel to soak up the milk that spilled.  I'm sweeping up another pile of cheerios crunching beneath my feet. 

Today, I'm breaking up another sibling squabble and once again training their little soul.  I'm reminding myself to keep teaching and training even though I said the same thing for the exact same behavior yesterday.

Today, I'm tending to the needs of your little body, wiping noses and bottoms as needed.  I'm reading the same book for the thirteenth time, almost completely from rote memory.

Today, I'm singing 'Jesus Loves Me' again and teaching you your ABC's.  I'm once again choosing to be present when my mind is drifting to a day dream.

Today, I'm saying I'm sorry for the times my tone was harsh, when the things of "me" (phones, social media, books, phone calls, outings) distracted from the things you needed.  When my self lacked control and I failed to make use of every opportunity to point you to Jesus.

Today, I'm reassuring you that what you're thinking and feeling is normal.  I'm doing my best to stay awake for those late night conversations as you move closer and closer to adulthood. 

Today, I'm striving to be patient when your daddy doesn't meet my every need.  I'm choosing to rest when I'm tired so that I can love and respect him lavishly. 

Today, I am trying and today I am failing. Today, I am doing my best.

Today, I am soaking in God's grace and falling asleep dreaming of a better tomorrow. 

What will you remember SOMEDAY?