His Strength in my Weakness

It was never my intention to launch 'Restoring Womanhood' only to have it sit idle. Such a funny season this has been. With each step of faith taken, it felt like a million obstacles were thrown in my way...emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually and mentally.

I truly have been wondering if I should close the blog before it even began. So much to risk. So vulnerable.

I guess truth be told, my heart has been in need of a little restoring myself. There is no shame in admitting that fear and doubt have been crippling. As always, Jesus always shows up best in my weakness!

I can assure you that my flesh would love to walk away and simply tend to the needs of my family. As you can imagine, there are many.

But God has been leading me to continue for the sake of any glory or encouragement I could pass along on His behalf.

Today, we launched our first resource for Journey up Ministries...an introductory issue of Journey Up magazine found on the home page to encourage and equip your family from the honest, raw vulnerability of ours. The best part is that it is completely FREE. 

There are a few article that are unique to us woman, with more to come in future editions should there be need. Feel free to pass along your thoughts or ideas about specific questions or articles that might encourage your family through email! I hope to include those in future editions.

My prayer is that you would be blessed with the resources that we are developing as the Lord grants vision, time and finances. Thank you so much for your prayers as we 'Journey Up' alongside each other! God Bless~