Starting With the Right Foundation!

My notebook is full. The list getting longer.  Blog posts have been started and then set aside.

We simply must start with the RIGHT foundation!

The heart of Journey Up Ministries is to restore the core in a very practical way, illuminating refreshment and vision which only God can bring.

And yet I wonder? Where will you do the building?  Who will be your builder?

To some, I have experienced much and to others, I'm only just beginning.  I have, however, lived long enough to know that some days in this life-time will be hard for all. For some, it may be abuse or divorce, a health crisis or that of a loved one. A child mourns at the loss of their mother. A family torn apart.  Mental illness. And the like.

It's certainly not everyday, perhaps not even most. But the question remains...which hard will you choose? 

Matthew 7:24-27 speaks of a parable in which a home is built. One built on the sand. The other on the rock. In both cases, the storm raged and the foundation was exposed. Only one had a solid rock foundation that withstood the testing.

My husband has a saying. Will you take the test for your testimony? 

The storms of life hold no discrimination for age, race or gender. Your belief system matters not. The storms will rage, the rain pound and the house beaten will reveal it's foundation.

The hard doesn't come for the asking. It comes for us all. But the home built on THE ROCK will stand!

There is a trend that one can party their life away with little touch of the hard. Yet no amount of folly can shield the disease.  The infection of addiction. The devastation of lack of communication.

This side of heaven, suffering comes along like an unwelcome friend.  The consequence of our own sin and that of a fallen world.

A choice must be made as to our foundation...the rock or the sand? 

Our family, like yours, has endured the hard, the beating against our very home. One storm--Lyme Disease crept through the cracks in our walls and seeped into our foundation. It would be amiss to not reveal that the hopelessness and torment of this disease has chipped away at the outer walls we thought so secure. Though we live a lifetime more in the suffering, our foundation is secure. With God on our side, who can be against us? With God, the hard is livable. Even thrive able. Without God, the hard would be impossible!

A sandy shore reveals the burden and hardship of a house destroyed, the crushing weight of the falling!  But the hard, harsh winds that persistently blow against the ROCK solid foundation home leave unexplainable peace and a home still standing! The hard comes either way.  The RIGHT foundation makes all the difference!

 Soon we will begin adding some practical resources in which God may want to restore the core of your heart or your home.  Areas in life in which we have found life, hope and joy.  But there is a foundation with which your heart and home will be built? Make sure that your foundation is ROCK solid!