It's Only the Beginning...

Another Ministry: I often wonder... with so many blogs and ministries available today is there a need for another?  I certainly feel ill-prepared to be an expert on anything but I do LOVE to encourage.  And with a passion to come alongside you as you come alongside me in our 'Journey Up' to be more like Christ, I am thrilled to write.  I certainly cannot claim to be the best at anything and may never have the top 10 ways to perfect your life. But I have been in need of encouragement and longed for a Titus 2 mentor at times. The Lord has impressed on our heart that now is the time to share the great things that He has done in an effort to restore your heart and mine!

There are five things that I am praying over my writing today:

  1. Biblical: The Bible is the foundation for this entire ministry. I believe that it is relevant to every area of our lives and practically equips us for every needed principle by which we live.  Although I hope to encourage in the practical, sharing stories from our everyday life, scripture is our rock from which we live. 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  2. Encouraged: I pray that as I share from my personal life, you will come away encouraged.  Every time that I think that I have landed on my passion: marriage, children, mothering, teen pregnancy, chronic illness, Biblical womanhood, relationally healthy homes, ministry, transitioning to adult children, blended families and my list could go on...I see that my REAL passion is just to encourage!  I know that each of our journey's are unique. I know that some of my journey and passion may be different than yours. My prayer is that you will be encouraged as together we follow Christ.
  3. Equipped: I pray that you will not only be encouraged but equipped to 'Journey On' a little stronger and ready for the task ahead. Be it mothering, loving or serving those in your life.  Through podcasts, books and other resources, I pray that you will be equipped to live a life sold out for Christ.
  4. Real: Above all, I pray that this is a place where we can be real. I hope this is a safe place where I can share my failures which in turn have become the places where God has taught me the most. If I wait for the perfect blog post, podcast or worship song, I can assure you that this ministry will stop right here. Please overlook our flaws and sometimes silly words and see our heart.  We're in this 'Journey Up' together! 
  5. Blessing Friendly: It has always been my goal to encourage ANYONE that God has placed in my path. Although I am a wife and mother, my heart has been to never exclude those where God was writing a different life story or chapter. And that continues to be my heart. However, in an effort to not exclude, I have remained fairly silent on the absolute privilege, vision and joy of being a wife and mother. And having a DOZEN blessings, and all the hardships that go along with that!  Having a large family does not mean a person is better or more patient!  In fact, maybe God blessed me with so many because He knew my need for character growth.  Nothing has been more impactful in my life than being a wife and mother. My identity is not rooted in these things, but they have been shaping influences like no other. And as such, we know that there are many parents in need of support and encouragement!  Someone cheering them on with the unique challenges they face. This ministry will always seek to be a support to those that see children as a blessing, be it two, ten or twenty. I pray that if your life story is a little different than ours, you can still come away with nuggets of truth which can practically restore the core of your heart, home and church!  

Still Writing: Don't worry!  For those of you who follow my writing at, I will still be writing there as well!  Blessings on your Journey Up!