“Equipping the Family To Journey Up To New Relational Heights”

Connecting hearts in real relationship to restore a Biblical worldview to discipleship!

Learning to live and love from hearts that are being unlocked from fear and forged by faith each day in that place where our story begins—our home.


We are excited to introduce a FREE Resource for your family called:

‘The 7LM Gym’—Your On-Line Family Training Center.

A place you can easily go to encourage your family to identify and build ‘The Seven Life Muscles’ for their Journey Up.

These muscles are essential in raising children who will faithfully Journey Up with Jesus in their generation!

As Scott & Kimberly Bryant have journeyed together over the last 25 years in their own family and ministry within the church, they have become very aware that there is an untouched mission field that has been overlooked.   One that must be RESTORED if the church is going to be REVIVED again to faithfully RETELL God’s Story to the next generation.  What is it? 


Because your journey up isn't about PERFECTION, it's about HEART CONNECTION.