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The Seven Life Muscle Gym Membership

Half-Price Sale!!! (Currently $9/month)

We are excited to share ‘The 7LM Approach’ with you. It has been developed in our home over the last 25 years as we have committed to raising our 12 children to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind.

In short, this approach is passionate about encouraging families to see that our God intended for children to be trained in more than just the Academic Muscle. There are several other life-muscles that must be trained on a daily basis if they are to successfully Journey Up with Jesus for a lifetime!

We have identified “Seven Life Muscles” and built our entire learning and living lifestyle around them. We’d like to encourage you to find the joy of doing the same!


Though we are far from a perfect family, we have experienced great blessing from this unique approach that prepares you and your child for the ‘Journey Up’ of learning & living. We are now experiencing the joy of watching our grown children pass this approach on to our grandchildren as well.

The ‘7LM Approach’ is an invitation to a simple life that prioritizes the sacred over the secular. Values relationship over results. Focuses your lifestyle on making disciples over making dollars. Sometimes exhausting, but always exhilarating.

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The 7LM Gym Membership is Available in Two Plans:

half-price sale!!!

The Monthly Membership Plan regularly $18/month

Currently $9/ month!!!

This gives you monthly access to all resources in The 7LM Gym, yet allows you to spread out those payments throughout the year.

The Annual Membership Plan—- regularly $199

currently $99 for 1 year

This gives you access for 12 months to all resources in the 7LM Gym!!!!

The Church Membership Plan

(FREE PREVIEW ACCESS TO ALL PASTORS) Available By Donation Based Upon Size of Church)

This plan provides FREE ACCESS TO ALL CHURCH MEMBERS FOR 12-MONTHS after their church makes a donation to our ministry. The donation is based upon the average church attendance and can be renewed on an annual basis.

This plan is NOT available on-line. To activate your church membership, please email us at: 7LMMembership@gmail.com! We will then reach out to you! Once we receive your donation, we will send you a Church Membership Code that will be specific for your church that all members may use to sign-up through our website for FREE!

Suggested Donation chart:

Under 100= Minimum of $500 donation

100-250= Minimum of $1,000 donation

251-500= Minimum of $1,500 donation

501-1000= Minimum of $2,000 donation

1,001-2,500 or more= Minimum of $2,500 donation

Over 2,500- Please Contact Us


Features of ‘The 7LM Gym’

  • Provides you with personal interaction with Scott & Kimberly!

  • Provides you with access to on-going equipping resources, E-Courses, and more!

  • Over 20 instructional videos to equip you to identify and begin working your 7LM daily!

  • a 12-Step work-out that walk you through this on-Line gym!

  • 12 Teaching Sheets that offer more in-depth training!

  • Learn how to simplify & Minimize your home for the 7LM Lifestyle!

  • 12 Actionable worksheets to practically work your 7LM!

    Real-Life example stories

  • audio programs for each work-out


Available in Monthly or Yearly Plan

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked.  Cancel Anytime. (see details below) 

Refer-A-Friend Program!

If you refer a friend to “The 7LM Gym” and they sign up and give you credit as their reference, you will receive a 25% discount for EACH FRIEND that signs up. This means that you could could refer 2 FRIENDS and GET 50% OFF, or 4 FRIENDS and receive a FREE MEMBERSHIP for 1 year!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee- Available on both on-line plans/Cancel at Any Time

If during the first 30 days you don’t completely enjoy your 7LM Membership, you can cancel anytime and we will refund any membership fees 100%. No questions asked. You can also cancel your membership at anytime (refund only available within the first 30 days).