Scott & Kimberly know from their journey that it’s impossible to climb alone.  God designed us to journey in community.  Sadly, our 21st century lifestyle makes that incredibly difficult.    They know how desperate and lonely life can be. They desire to come alongside with encouraging vision & accountability along the way.

Core-Coaching Options

Re-Couraging Men- Scott is available via email, phone, social media, and in-person visits to “re-courage” Family Leaders and Ministry Leaders.  You can contact him today to learn more by clicking here!

Encouraging Women- Kimberly is available via email, phone, social media, and in-person visits to encourage women in their roles, especially as wife and mother.  You can contact her by clicking here!

Restoring Couples- Scott & Kimberly are available to connect with couples to encourage them on a very personal level.  Typically, this would happen on-line, with the option of in-person coaching being arranged as well. 

Core-Coaching Details

As a ministry we desire to make coaching available to you as affordably as possible.  On-line coaching is definitely the most affordable and convenient format.  Scott & Kimberly would typically be seeking to provide coaching within 3 sessions that would typically be between 1-2 hours each.  

If this is a ministry that could encourage or re-courage you today, please be sure to click here to contact us for more details!