First Contentment, Then Courage

“I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:12-13

The source of our contentment is what fuels our courage. The question is, “Which fuel pump am I daily driving up to for my daily fill up of courage?

Life’s journey naturally tells me that I deserve to be a courageous man if my earthy fuel tanks are bringing me contentment. If my health, wealth, and happiness gauges are registering full on the dashboard of my heart. This is not the secret of contentment that the Apostle Paul is unveiling.

The interesting thing about contentment is that it cannot be learned without seasons of plenty and seasons of need. When I’m not able to fill up my heart with the earthly octane of all I desire, that very moment reveals who my lord is. Courage that only comes from always having what I want, isn’t true courage. It’s actually conceit. If we are to re-courage manhood with this secret fuel that Paul is speaking of, we will only find that power source in Jesus Christ Himself. If our courage is pumped into life from our health, wealth and happiness, it may have a good effect, but it won’t bring God’s impact. Only this secret contentment will unleash true courage in our manhood.

Paul said he had “learned to be content”. He had taken the dangerous journey up that included seasons of plenty and seasons of poverty. My pride says that the main pump I’d be able to get courage from would be having lots of everything I want on earth. When actually always walking in abundance will train me into re-couraging my manhood only with earthly power. Paul says the secret of contentment is not found in how powerful your circumstances make you feel, but in how powerful Christ is in your heart.

So whether we have thousands of dollars in investments or debts today, we are able to re-courage our manhood from the ultimate power source of contentment. Jesus Christ! A contentment that is learned as we journey up with courage through all seasons of life.