Men, Do you know who the pastor of your home is?

Men, do you know who the pastor of your home is? Here's a's not the guy you just listened to on Sunday morning. His role is to equip you, not replace you. In fact, he can't. Your job is irreplaceable. Only you can pastor your family the way God designed. Only you can touch their heart as a husband and father. 

Men, there's a crazy statistic that you need to know about. Only 4% of today's millenial generation has a Biblical worldview that alters their behavior in the slightest. 96% of our young people are living without a Biblical worldview. The results are devastating our homes, churches, and country. 

I truly believe that one of the main reasons we are facing this crisis is that we have totally misunderstood the roles of the church leader and family leader in generational discipleship. BOTH are massively needed.

For generations now, we have experimented with putting all of the responsibility on pastors. Not only has this done a huge disservice to them, it's also destroyed the vital role of the family pastor- you! Are you ready to step up and be your family's pastor? The next generation will reveal our answer.