Re-Couraging Manhood

If you were to have asked me in my teens, 20's, and even some of my 30's if my manhood needed "re-couraging", I would have said something like, "No, I'm feeling pretty courageous as a man. Thanks anyway. "  I don't think I would have been intentionally being rude or unteachable, I just felt capable and ready for whatever life might throw at me.  

Yet little did I know that as I journeyed through life, my backpack was slowly being filled with so much weight that I would soon get to a place where I was terribly in need of being re-couraged. 

Life has filled our backpacks with all types of heavy burdens men.  While the details may change, the result is the same.  We give up hope.  We settle for a diluted version of manhood that works in the 21st century, but leaves our souls empty.

It's clear that most of us simply disengage and retreat.  We find ways to get what we want, while avoiding the challenges that come from real relationships.  That's why our marriages and families might look good on the outside, but inside we know we died along time ago.  We then spend the rest of our life hoping nobody notices. 

It's a lonely way to live men.  I know your world encourages it.  Your world tells you that you're only needed for your money-making ability for the economy, the next church building program, or your next family purchase.  But that's not what your world needs most.  It's not what you need most.  

Your family, your church, and your world needs YOUR HEART to be engaged in a courageous relationship to the HEART of your Heavenly Father. 

Only then will your heart be "re-couraged" to be the man God designed you to be.  Only then will you experience the heights your heart is so hungry for.  

Courage men.  Courage.